Proof of Concept to be presented to Wings Elevate 2023
we amde a Team with Debo for this! so exiting!


MObile friendly nowww!! :D

thank you Debora for helping me implement the movement for both mobile and keyboard!! :D

you can try the test level. you cannot yet win nor lose ,sorry abour that. i will work on it on the wheekends  :D

still not an actual level but i am slowly advancing TTuTT thank you for testing thiss


Thanks to the help of a LOT of people who kindly explained me things that did not seem to work on unity :D still nothing is playable yet, but at least its taking shape:


things to do: the actual game jaja

improve navigation of the scissor Tijeril and make the lines to be vut

make levels

make particles and sounds

trail for the scissor

special item and several levels!

i guess  i will keep making it once the jam finishes as it is not yet a game.


for now  iam just making the page,still i have lots to do!

at least the main protagonist is almost designed!

i hope to be able to make it functionl before the jam ends...i only can work on the game for a small quantity of hours.

:D i wanted to make this game from so long ago!!for this jam, as i have very limited working time, i will play alone (that meant no team! how sad!)

for now my goal is to make it playable then add eaesthetic things then more levels then if everything somehow works out make sounds and music for it ...mmm i downlaoded free to use music for if i cannot make it myself. wish me luck!


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esto puede ser adictivo

genia Kna como siempre!